My book of poetry, "Stripping- My fight to find Me" is a story of the triumph of the human spirit. It is a story of our deep need for connection and the infinite power of love to heal.

I am energy. I am infinity. But I am also a poet, author, artist. wife, mother, sleep doctor, and attachment and complex childhood trauma survivor. I healed only when I understood I was broken, not a victim. I learnt that everything I needed was within me. And that my inner life was the essence and driving force of my existence.

Where did Self Love Self Care First® come from?

I needed to find meaning in my suffering so I kept thinking, “What truth did I come out of this journey with? How can I share what I know in forms other than what I receive through my poetry? What is the most foundational and fundamental truth about human existence that I discovered to be true in my suffering? That is where SLSCF® comes from.

I discovered that if we do not know our truth, we cannot love ourselves. The pain and suffering of our lives, the false external messages about life, success and achievement that we receive, and the projections and imposed expectations of others we are subjected to, mangle our truth, distract us from our destined path, and cut deep into our body, mind, and soul. They cause us to not pay attention to ourselves, and to how we live our lives. These feelings and beliefs descend into our unconscious and become habitual patterns that hijack our lives.

SelfLoveSelfCareFirst® is the journey of truthful self-examination and acceptance of our truth. Only when we are ready to find value, love, and compassion for our true selves do we begin to live free.

This blog is a celebration of love, stillness, growth, joy, discovery, and the truth. The conversation is honest, the topics are varied, the perspectives are from many angles, but the common thread weaving the discussions together is Self Love Self Care First®.

You are not moving towards any light. There is no light out there. It is inside you. You must move inwards- not outwards to look for it. No one can guide you there. Only you can give yourself the permission to embark on this journey. Only you can reclaim yourself.

Your freedom is in your hands.


Friday, November 9, 2018

Scheduling time for yourself to 'do nothing'

Our mind is a source of infinite wisdom, guidance and intuition

It's Sunita here.

If you feel even a little overwhelmed thinking about the slew of activities, obligations, duties and chores that you 'must' accomplish before Monday morning hits again, then you belong to much of our society.

It may be that a lot of what we have on our 'to do list' is important to the process of moving our lives along but it's hard for me to accept that all of it is. Our priorities are strongly influenced by so many factors that are internal and external. I am often driven by the need to be a good ________.

You can fill in the blank here by all the roles you play in your life and you get the picture.

But I learnt that I did best when I had time to myself. Time that came without an agenda, a plan, interruptions, expectations or demands of myself. I call it my 'do nothing' time. I ended up finding myself in that time. From an unstructured place came great structure. From silence came great insights. From seclusion came connection- to me.

The single most often asked question I get is 'How do you find time to do everything that you do?

This 'do nothing' time is my secret weapon.

It gives me clarity, taps into my intuition, restores me and gifts me the ability to prioritize and channel my energy and efforts towards the things that matter the most to me.

And I am convinced that it will do the same for you.

However, I must tell you that it does take discipline to make yourself a priority and schedule time to 'do nothing' on a regular basis.

Yes, schedule time. Just like you do for everything else in your life. No matter how busy you are, you must commit to this time.

There is an additional benefit of making time to 'do nothing'. Just the act of doing so lifts my spirit and confirms my self-worth to me. In carving out time for myself with no outward 'label' (like driving my kids to activities, date night, working, having dinner with friends, etc...) I reaffirm my intrinsic value.

So, I ask you- are you ready to dive into the world of doing nothing?

Baby steps, perhaps? A half hour this weekend?

I would love to hear from you about your experience. And if you already are a do-nothing person, I invite you to share what you experience in that space and place.

Wishing you a week full of wisdom and intuition,
Be well Do well Live well,

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