Even though Stripping- My fight to find Me brings to life my experience, it is a story of many of us, those who suffer and those who feel shame.

My poems will push you to ask questions of yourself. The ferociousness of my battle will give you an exhilarating rush and invigorate you. My struggle and victory to give myself permission to love myself and seek a life of joy will inspire you. My discovery that we may be broken, but we are not victims, will empower you.

“Sunita Merriman demonstrates in this book what is at the heart of healing- courage. Whether you are a clinician or a client, this book can serve as a guide to the healing process.”

- Kristin A.R. Osborn, Author of Paraverbal Communication in Psychotherapy: Beyond the Words

“Sunita Merriman’s poems touched my heart. I read them and felt great compassion”

- Marion Solomon, Ph.D Author of Narcissism and Intimacy, Co Editor of Healing Trauma

“I am overwhelmed by the emotion and vivid imagery that Dr. Sunita Merriman has revealed in this remarkable book. Her openness, her intelligence, her willingness to bare her deepest thoughts and feelings- they almost make me want to look away at times. But of course, I cannot. And equally, I will read it again and again, taking new meaning and probing my own inner thoughts at a fresh level with each poem. It is a stunning achievement.”

- Lou Heckler, Professional Speaker and Speaker Coach

Friday, October 19, 2018

About the Author

Dr. Sunita Merriman is a graduate of New York University, College of Dentistry and the founder of the New Jersey Dental Sleep Medicine Center in Westfield, New Jersey. For close to 25 years, she has been dedicated to treating her patients with the belief that the mind, body and soul are connected.

Having embarked on a deeply personal journey to unmask, understand and defeat the darkness that was the legacy of trauma from childhood adverse experiences and trans-generational wounds, she discovered that Self Love and Self Care First is the only way for us to live a life of joy, fulfill our potential, realize our destiny and most importantly, to selflessly serve others.

Stripping- My fight to find Me is her first book to be published. She is currently working on her second book Permission- To Live as Me which is a compilation of inspiring stories of individuals that overcame seemingly impossible obstacles to find their true selves and live a life of their design.

Sunita is dedicated to bringing attention to the importance of mind health as the fundamental pillar of our existence and to sharing and promoting her belief in the infinite potential of the human spirit.

Sunita lives in Edison, New Jersey with her husband and their two daughters.